In the late 2000s, Dexter Jorgensen founded Amish Farm Soap. Featuring handmade, hand cut massive bars of soap at extremely budget-friendly prices.

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If you are currently supported by Soap For Souls Trust and are unable to get hold of your Family Support Worker please contact us.

My special kids in northern Mexico

A home for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults in Mexico

Thanks to your donations we donated over $6,000 to a Nursing Home in Central America that not only helps the elderly but does wonderful things for the poor people in that community

A $8,000 donation to a church group South America Peru

After a donation ceremony in Guatemala, we were driving around this little town and met this elderly couple walking home with their soap

Random people on the street after our donation to the nursing home in Peru

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Our Experience

Over 18 years.  In the united states And 13 countries

What we do

Soap for Souls donates regularly to several countries.

To whom we help

We donated soap to orphanages, nursing homes, Homeless  Shelters and church groups.

About Dexter Jorgensen Foundation

In the late 2000s, Dexter Jorgensen founded Amish Farm Soap. Featuring handmade, hand cut bars of soap at budget-friendly prices. We’ve taken the homemade hand-cut Farmers Market, type soap and commercialized it and made it affordable to the public

It wasn’t long before the company took off, within a few years, Amish Farms could be found in every corner of the United States.

We took this opportunity and combined it with our love for philanthropy We started out donating to church groups and shelters in the United States And with these contacts quickly realized that Mexico, Latin America, and South America had a much greater need for soap in the United States.

After selling Amish Farm Soap more than a decade ago, Dexter has continued with Soap for Souls and donates regularly to several states in the United States. 

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.