Dexter Jorgensen – Donate Bags of Amish Farm’s Soap to orphanages or hospitals

When we donate bags of our Amish farm’s soap to orphanages or hospitals or nursing homes

Dexter Jorgensen – Donated bags of soap

Thanks to your support, through your purchases of our products as well as through your GENEROUS

Dexter Jorgensen – Donated soap to Old Couple Walking Home

Old couple walking home with our soap after we donated to a nursing home and Guatemala.

Dexter Jorgensen – Donated soap and Cash in Nursing Home

This is a nursing home in Peru South America Dexter Jorgensen donated $8,000 worth of soap

Dexter Jorgensen – Taking Care of Handicap Kids in Guatemala

Dexter Jorgensen – taking care of orphanage Handicap Kids in Guatemala.